SEPTEMBER 4 – SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 (dates to be confirmed)


Flight to Tavan Bogd National Park

Arrival in Ulan Bator

Most of you will be traveling across several time zones to get to Ulan Bator. We would recommend arriving a couple of days early giving your body time to recuperate after the long journey and also to be able to see some of the sites the city has to offer.

Meet and greet at Ulan Bator international airport.
Transport to hotel.
Briefing and dinner

Flight to Ulgii
Trip to local supermarket
Drive to Tavan Bogd National Park (5-6 hours)

Potanin Glacier

25km      8 hours

White River descent, Sacred Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain
Shuttle to camp

30km       6 hours

Altai Mountain crossing
Snake Valley descent

20km Furgon      3 hours
20km Fatbike      4 hours

Shuttle up to Khoton Lake Pass
Khoton Lake descent

10km Furgon      2 hours
20km Fatbike      3 hours
15km Optional Fatbike

Up Khoton Lake

32km Fatbike      5hours

Down Khoton Lake

25 km Fatbike      5 hours

Khurgan Lake

25 km Fatbike      4 hours
Shuttle                  30 mins
18 km Fatbike      2 hours

Shuttle across river
Lake Dayan

25 kms Fatbike      5 hours

eagle-hunterThere are approximately 400 eagle hunters in Bayan-Ulgii. During the Eagle Hunting Festival, eagle hunters from the region gather to test their finely trained birds in singular contests of speed and agility. Female birds are used as they are bigger, stronger and more aggressive than the males. Authentic eagle hunting is only done in the winter months so during the festival you will see the eagles diving for a fox-skin being drawn behind a running horse. There are also a number of traditional Kazakh games like Buzkashi, Kiss the woman on horseback, camel racing, and others.

Stay in private Ger Camp next to an Eagle Hunter

Early morning flight to Ulan Bator

Closing dinner and night at hotel

Transfer to airport and flight back home