Round Square Adventures takes SEAT Ateca and their bike team through Western Mongolia

New article by DAVID ESPALLARGAS for MTB-News The long-awaited day is finally upon us. We have taken months preparing for this new adventure. Meetings, nerves, visas … and finally, just as if we were reenacting the story of Christopher Columbus’s three ships, we left with three SEAT ATECA s, destination Mongolia. We are not experienced captains like Martín Alonso Pinzón, Vicenta Yáñez Pinzón or Juan de la Cosa with their respective boats that departed from the port of Palos de [...]

SEAT ATECA Mongolia Bike Challenge

Blog by Teo Garcia, SEAT manager responsible for the Mongolia ATECA expedition July 2018 More than 8,000 km after having left Barcelona and making the nightmarish Ukrainian, Russian and Mongolian border crossings, we finally reached Olgii (Mongolia), a city near the Mongolian-Russian-Chinese borders. The founders of ROUND SQUARE ADVENTURES were waiting for us. Kirsten & Nacho; an intriguing couple comprised of a British/American photographer, ex-horsewoman turned biker and a Spanish mountaineer and cave rescuer, united by their love of the mountains and as [...]


Mongolia’s infamous horse, once thought to be descendent of the primitive and wild Przewalski breed, but now known to be its own ancient breed, services Mongolia’s population to this day, surpassing its own citizen population with an impressive number of around 3.5 million horses. The small and pony-­‐like appearance is deceitful; in fact, the horse’s strength and tenacity is a symbol of Mongolia’s history, it’s conquests, and the development of its empire in the thirteenth century. However, the Mongolian horse’s impressive [...]

Eagle festival

The Eagle festival, or Golden Eagle festival, is an annual traditional festival held in Bayan-Ölgii aimag, Mongolia.In the eagle festival, Kazakh eagle hunters (Burkitshi) celebrate their heritage and compete to catch small animals such as foxes and hares with specially trained golden eagles, showing off the skills both of the birds and their trainers. Prizes are awarded for speed, agility and accuracy, as well as for the best traditional Kazakh dress, and more. The Eagle Festival is held during the [...]