JUNE 28 – JULY 11, 2022

JULY 13 – JULY 26, 2022


Flight to Tavan Bogd National Park

Arrival in Ulan Bator

Most of you will be traveling across several time zones to get to Ulan Bator. We would strongly recommend arriving a couple of days early giving your body time to recuperate after the long journey and also to be able to see some of the sites the city has to offer.

Meet and greet at Ulan Bator international airport.
Transport to hotel.
Briefing and dinner

Flight to Ulgii
Trip to local supermarket
Drive to Tavan Bogd National Park (5-6 hours)

Khurgan Lake, petroglyphs, camp on white sand beach on Lake Khoton

26km bike     5hours

Follow track up north-east side of Khoton Lake. Sleep in gers next to Auez, race horse trainer

25kms bike       5 hours

Furgon to Bear Valley, follow the Tsagaan Gol River to Green Lake. Sleep in Gers

15km Hike      6 hours
1 hr furgon      

Follow Mashina Khabakh road through conifer forests and multiple stream crossings

25km bike      5 hours

Bike across glacial moraine, conifer forests and pastureland. Camp next to small mountain lake

25km Fatbike      5hours

Wide open steppes and glacial moraine on a well defined piste. Camp next to a river

30 km Fatbike      7hours

Huge expanses of flat, open pastureland followed by rocky, winding piste to Shokhan’s summer camp. Sleep in Gers

20 km Fatbike      6 hours

Day with Shokhan and his family. Bike to eagle hunting spot overlooking Lake Dayan. Sleep in Gers

Ger Camp

150 kms furgon    6 hours

Naadam and stay in Olgii Hotel
Ger camp next to Naadam

Transfer to airport and flight to UB