Adventure Cycling Holidays in Mongolia

Skill and fitness levels required

This is a moderate cycling trip in terms of physical effort and is 100% off-road. If you are a reasonably fit and confident cyclist who loves the outdoors and camping, this trip is for you.

We will be covering between 25kms and 45kms per day with typically around 6 hours riding including stops for lunch. The terrain is variable, but for the most part we will be following hard-pack dirt roads or animal tracks.

There are times that there are no visible tracks at all, biking across un-trodden steppe. Other days involve rocky descents where the Fatbikes really show their value, rolling over what would be intimidating rocks with total abandon.


Support vans

The support vans will be following us most of the time, so if you are feeling weary or don’t feel like riding at any point, the van will be there to take you.

For the most part, the terrain can be described as undulating except when our route goes through the more mountainous areas where our path follow rivers upstream and we cross up and over into the neighbouring watershed. Depending on the amount of rain, we may or may not be crossing several streams and wet areas on several days.

If you are one of those people who don’t think they’ve done a decent days exercise if they haven’t done at least 60k, there are usually options to extend the day’s ride with one of our guides.

Experience your own adventure

This is the moment you were waiting for. Come with us on a trip that will change you forever