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Health and security

COVID in Mongolia 

Mongolia is now fully open to travellers with no entry restrictions or requirements, as per the announcement on 13th March 2022, effective 14th /March 2022. 

The only border point currently allowing visitors is the main airport in Ulaanbaatar. International trains and buses are not yet running between both Russia and China, and we have no information about when they will resume.  However, most airlines have resumed scheduled flights and almost all have full timetables for summer 2022. Most embassies have also begun issuing tourist visas again, but please contact your local embassy for up to date information. Mongolia’s new and easy online visa service – – is also now operational, and UK, Australian, NZ, Chinese & most European citizens can use this if applying for a tourist visa.

Mongolia has one of the most successful vaccination programmes in the world, comparable with that of developed Western nations. Almost 95% of all adults have been fully vaccinated, with most of the population having been offered 3rd and 4th booster jabs. The country is fully open domestically with no legal restrictions on gatherings, events etc., but the advice for good hygiene practices, masks in crowded areas, and social distancing remain in place.

If you or any of your travelling companions  present a positive lateral flow test when in Mongolia, that person will be required to take a PCR test (can usually be arranged in the nearest large town fairly quickly) and self-isolate until the result comes through, then if confirmed as positive continue to self-isolate until recovered and presenting a negative lateral flow test on 2 consecutive days. All other members of your immediate travel group would need to take lateral flow tests and if negative would be able to continue the trip. Any costs incurred for provision of these arrangements would paid for directly by the guest(s) and Round Square Adventures/Goyo Travel would not be liable to refund any section of a trip that is missed due to Covid. All guests are advised to purchase travel insurance that covers such an eventuality. However, Covid insurance is not a requirement for entry to Mongolia – and also in the unlikely case that anyone needs any treatment, including hospitalisation, the Mongolian government provides this for free.

If you require more detailed information regarding the travel restrictions, please contact Olly Reston at

Information and advice

The last phone signal you will have during the trip will be in Ulgii. We will have a satellite phone with us in case of emergencies. We will send out the number closer to the date of travel.

There are no compulsory vaccines for Mongolia, but as in every trip to a remote area, it is advisable to keep your immunization record up to date. Vaccines against tetanus, rabies, typhoid and hepatitis A are recommended.

Medical care is variable and may be precarious in rural areas. On our trips, travel insurance is mandatory. If there is any medication you take on a regular basis, please bring it with you.

The most common problems are minor stomachs upsets, which usually come from the change in diet. We carry bottled water with us and the water used for cooking will have been thoroughly boiled.

It is customary in Mongolia to shake hands and eat with the right hand. In areas where the only source of food is livestock, it is a good idea to always be aware of our hand hygiene. We provide soap and water outside of the dining tent, but it’s not a bad idea to bring anti-bacterial gel with you.

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