Adventure Cycling Holidays in Mongolia


Our Russian UAZ 4×4 support vehicles are a fundamental part of our trips. These vehicles, expertly manoeuvred by our experienced drivers, make the journey a fun and adventurous mode of transport. We couldn’t do our biking trips to Mongolia without them.
How long has it been since you’ve experienced a real adventure? Come with us to Western Mongolia and go home with stories to tell, not stuff to show.
A short video as a tribute to the children all over the world that bring such joy and enrichment to all of our journeys.
An epic adventure on Fatbikes through Tavan Bogd National Park, Western Mongolia with Round Square Adventures.
How to put up a Ger in 30 seconds.
Naadam, Western Mongolia.
Mongolian Wrestling, horse racing and Buzkashi
Mongolia, a biking and cultural adventure through Tavan Bogd National Park
This video was shot for the most part during the month of May of 2016. It had been a particularly harsh winter and there was still a lot of snow on the ground.
We bought these packrafts to take on our Mongolian Fatbike Adventures and they worked just great.

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