Adventure Cycling Holidays in Mongolia

Why Fatbikes?

First of all, we love to travel and secondly, we love to see places by bike. We have travelled in many remote countries in the world on skis, sailing, motorbikes, paragliding, mountaineering, walking and in small planes, but when we came to western Mongolia we had no doubt that Fatbikes were the ideal way to see the epic scenery.

Many people ask why Fatbikes instead of normal Mountain bikes. The answer is simple. Fatbikes take you places you’ve never biked before, places which you wouldn’t be able to get to or terrain you wouldn’t be able to cross on a normal mountain bike. People ask if they are heavy and slow. They are neither.

They are versatile. Damp, rock-studded singletrack, mellow dirt trails, swampy meadow, river crossings… the fatbikes can handle it all. Our fatbikes are not bikes you would want to take on 100km/day tarmac-road filled days, but they are bikes that you want to be able to appreciate the stunning scenery you will be encountering on the trip.

Lower tire pressure means more comfort. The tires provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain. Wet stone, muddy paths, snowy hills, sand dunes, fatbikes don’t slip or sink into the mud as a 26” mountain bike would. They provide better balance since the contact surface of the wheel is wider.

We will be using the extremely reliable and comfortable Trek Farley 5 fatbike on our trips. 

Experience your own adventure

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